Enjoy our fully stocked open air outdoor kitchen right on the banks of the Kaweah River.


Our Outdoor Kitchen is Open and Available to Guests 24 Hours

While each room comes equipped with a kitchenette, guests are welcome to create a romantic riverside dinner in our fully stocked open air outdoor kitchen area.

Whether you want to whip up fine dining and crafty cuisine, or just have a good old fashioned barbecue by the water, this fully stocked kitchen surrounded by fountains and open to great views of the night sky is stocked with cooking utensils from knives to casserole dishes to pots, pans and champagne flutes and complimentary cooking staples like oils, salts and seasonings.

The ample seating in the kitchen area is just a short stroll from the Kaweah River, and you can enjoy your meal while irdwatching, stargazing or just relaxing to the sound of the nearby river and trickling patio fountains.